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24: Day 2: 5pm to 6pm 1/14/03

Ms. Never Had Any Brains (aka Kim) is at it again, listening to her equally dufus boyfriend, here, set something on fire in the back of this fast moving police car so we can crash and kill ourselves, then we won't have to worry about the bomb!

But look, it's Daniel Dae Kim from Crusade playing a CTU Swat guy, cool!

Okay, torture guy is just plain weird and rather ineffectual. He cuts her ear, basically just pierces it tho, not like he cuts it off or anything, what is this, Rodeo Drive torture school or something? She seems to be more afraid of what he *might* do than what he's actually doing. Weird, maybe it has something to do with censors and violence, I don't know.

But finally, TEN hours into this season, finally we're getting some sort of an interesting plot. I really want to know how Sherry Palmer is getting all this stuff, it's very suspicious that she has all these high level contacts with so much top secret access in the CIA and NSA. Senator's wives do not get this kind of stuff.

Ewwwww, okay, this is getting ridiculous again. And it's not even funny, it's just stupid ridiculous. Sheesh. The bad guys are all women. Nina, giving them all plans, Sherry as an inside agent, seeking to get Palmer into office so she could control him there and now worming her way back in to get back in control while taking Stanton out of play and Marie, the dumb blonde, playing her father and her fiance for the fall guys while she's the one who really worked with Arab terrorist guys.

I liked it better when it was funny ridiculous.


March 2003

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